Bulan Bahasa


Bulan Bahasa 2018
BB2018 Launch Ceremony
BB2018 Appointment of Duta Bahasa
Bulan Bahasa 2018

Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language Month) was first launched in 1988 by the Malay Language Council, Singapore, as an initiative to encourage the Malay community to embrace the Malay language in their daily lives. Users of the Malay language are heirs of the rich Malay language, and can ensure the continuity of the language through continuous usage.

From being a biennial event, Bulan Bahasa, since 2011, has become an annual event. The various activities of Bulan Bahasa have been created to promote and instil greater confidence in and mastery of the Malay language.

Application for the MLCS Programme Collaboration Funding for Bulan Bahasa 2019 is now available here. Please send the completed form to NHB_MalayLanguageCouncil@nhb.gov.sg latest by 21 March 2019.

As part of Bulan Bahasa, the Rakan Bahasa initiative is organised by the Malay Language Council, Singapore, to encourage students who are passionate about the Malay language and culture, to spread the love of the language to their peers, friends and families.

Nomination form for Rakan Bahasa 2019 from primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and madrasahs can be found here.

Nomination form for Rakan Bahasa 2019 from Institute of Technical Education (ITE), polytechnics and universities can be found here.

Please send completed forms to NHB_MalayLanguageCouncil@nhb.gov.sg latest by 15 March 2019 (extended deadline).

‘Ilmu. Budaya. Mesra.’

The Malay language as ‘Ilmu, Budaya, Mesra’ reflects its importance throughout all layers of society. When we use the Malay language, we are able to preserve knowledge and culture, as well as to foster ties that matter. Our language will also be conserved through its continued use, allowing us to pass it on to the generations after us.


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